FENCED IN: Children join the protest over access
at Queen's Park
(Bournemouth Echo, February 2002)

The Bournemouth Borough Council Act 1985 demands that any fencing erected on the Park MUST be "for the necessary protection of the public". Is this fencing and other fencing around the Park really necessary? If, as we are told, it is an insurance requirement for the golf course, does the law permit golfing to continue? Click here to find out more.The growth on the 'new' hawthorn hedges will be allowed to continue unchecked - the intention is to lay these hedges once the growth is long enough. Laying will thicken up any growth significantly, from the ground upwards, so that the lower metal fencing will (begin to) disappear completely. While this will undoubtedly be an improvement on the present unsightly fencing, QPIPS believes that the former open aspect of the Park should be restored.

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